• Taylor Gregg

    Good going Bibi; Americans are still reeling from Puritanism these many years later, and still so uncomfortable with our own bodies that we have yet to develop a healthy attitude. Sounds like you have worked it out pretty well, to the great benefit of your kids.

  • Taylor Gregg

    Gary, given the role models society has given you, you need to make your own man. Then you can be a role model, if you get the chance, for your own kids. At this point I would posit that your definition of “A MAN” lacks depth, so how are you going to work it out when your chance comes? How many kids do you have, and if, how would you describe the relationship you have with them?

  • Northernpoodle

    My man is all the above, but what makes him special and out of the ordinary that caught my attention… he sends me flowers everyday, if I am in a place where flowers cant be delivered to he sends me virtual flowers, the rest of the time they are real. I am a hard working woman and my job takes me away from home, and this little extra mile my man goes to means the world to me! More men and women should go the extra mile…. the world would be a better place! And stay out of peoples bedrooms that is their private space!

  • Maike Pierce

    Thank you!!!

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